Catalyst 2030 Australasia

Collaborating to achieve the SDGs


About Our Chapter

Catalyst 2030 Australasia is collaborating to advance the SDGs in Australia, New Zealand/Aotearoa and surrounding islands.


March 2021

Chapter Representatives

Roberto Daniele (Co-chair) | LinkedIn
Jason Jacobs (Co-chair) | LinkedIn

Chapter Coordinator (Contact)

John Paul Uminga |

Chapter Subgroups

  • Enabling Collaborations
  • First Nations / Place of Standing Gathering
  • New Economies Innovation
  • Social Entrepreneurial Scholar-Practitioners
  • Systems Change Learning
  • Tourism


The “Australasia Chapter” launched in February 2021 after a “gestation” period where founding members Dr Sharon Zickvic, Roberto Daniele and Asha Murphy worked closely with the international Secretariat to scope the feasibility and the development needs of an Australasian Chapter.

Whilst the momentum for the social enterprise sector in this region is growing, significant work remains to be done. The inclusion of social enterprise in cross-sectoral, cross-state and international collaborations to achieve commonly identified goals or missions is of particular focus. Catalyst 2030 Australasia will promote: collaborative systems change approaches to what we undertake across the region.

To date the Australasia Chapter, which now counts over 60 members, has activated the following Chapter Subgroups:

  • Systems Change Learning subgroup
  • First Nations Place of Standing subgroup
  • Scholar/Practitioner subgroup
  • New Economies Innovation subgroup
  • Enabling Collaboration subgroup

We are also working on the establishment of two further Chapter Subgroups

  • Social Enterprise National Strategy
  • SEWF 2022 (Social Entrepreneurship World Forum)

Together with our global counterparts, we are embarking on developing clear strategic directions for the Chapter and will implement strong governance systems to ensure that we grow on strong foundations.

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